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Size: 13x12.2x4.7 inches
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  • EASY & VERSATILE IN USE - A bag with handles makes it convenient to carry the cushion anywhere you want. You can use a back pain relief pillow wherever you need it: at home, in the office, on a plane, or while driving a car. The adjustable elastic strap on the back of the cushion allows you to attach it firmly to any chair, while a zipper makes it easy to remove the outer cover for further cleaning
  • BACK PAIN RELIEF - This lower back pillow helps relieve muscle tension in the lumbar area, thus reducing lower back pain that may appear in the lumbar area because of slouching
  • ORTHOPEDIC DESIGN - The ergonomic design of the lumbar support cushion aims to accurately align the curves of the spine to keep an individual in the proper upright position while sitting.
  • OVERALL HEALTH IMPROVEMENT - Proper posture ensures that the internal organs are not constricted and can work properly. For this reason, everyday usage of the cushion as extra lumbar support for office chair or car will soon result in an improvement in overall health
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - The outer cover of a cushion is made of soft and breathable, yet sturdy, mesh fabric, while odorless, top-quality memory foam is used for the insert

Do you suffer from back pain while sitting for a prolonged period of time? Are you looking for some extra lumbar support pillow for car? Then, the back support cushion is an excellent solution for you. Poor posture, or slouching, may influence badly not only your body but, as well, mind. For this reason, doctors highly recommend this pillow as an ideal back support for office chair to reduce back pain and avoid the fatigue caused by long time sitting.

Best lumbar support pillow for office chair and car

The lower back pillow has an orthopedic design and is made only of high-quality materials. Soft, breathable, yet sturdy mesh fabric is used for the outer pouch of back pain pillow while the insert is top quality memory foam back cushion that accurately and naturally aligns the curves of your spine. Everyday usage of a lumbar support pillow will ensure your spine the best possible seating environment. Relatively small size of a cushion makes it convenient for carrying from one place to another while the adjustable strap allows placing the pillow on any chair. Buy now a lumbar support pillow memory foam to improve your posture and an overall state of health.